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MCU Law Review on Cases and Administrative Interpretation

December 2022,

Volume 4

Ambiguities in “Nonobviousness” Rendered by the PHOSITA – An Analysis of Issues Related to Amici Curiae of 105 Xing-Zhuan-Geng (I) 4


Discussion on Patient Autonomy and Physician's Reasonable Clinical Professional Discretion - Comment on the Criminal Judgment No. 427 of the Tainan Branch of the Taiwan High Court in 2017

Lu, Ying-Chieh

The Effective Time of the Partition of the Inheritance Determined by the Will-- With a Discussion on the Taiwan New Taipei District Court, Judgment Chong-Chia-Su No.43 (2015)

Wu, Pey-Chun

Boundaries of the Right to Information Privacy - A Critical Review of the Taipei High Administrative Court Decision (109) Su No. 275

Lin, Her

Cryptocurrency Scam and Illegal Public Officering-Comment on the Criminal Judgement of Supreme Court 110 Taishentzu 5314

Lin, Rong-Quan

MCU Law Review on Cases and Administrative Interpretation

December 2021,

Volume 3

Trade Secret Infringement and the Reversing Engineering Defense - Reviewing Taiwan Supreme Court 110 Tai-Shang 3193 Decision

Jerry G. Fong ; Juning Fong

The analogous application of Article 425-1 of Civil Code?- Analysis of Supreme Court's 107th Tai Shang Zi No. 1380 Civil Judgment

Huang, Yu-Hui

Clarification of the importance of the court in relation to audiovisual interrogation-on the supreme court case of 97 Tai Sun 2537

Hsu, Jung-Yi

The Disputes over the Recognition and Amortization of the Intangible Assets in Tax Litigation-Comment on the Supreme Administrative Court Judgement No.567 in 2020

Lin, Rong-Quan

After crime of adultery is decriminalized, how should Relatives in Civil Law strengthen the legal effect? -Centered on Interpretation No. 791

Hou, Sin-Yu

MCU Law Review on Cases and Administrative Interpretation

December 2020,

Volume 2

Area of Protection of Freedom to Broadcast

Lin, Yiren

On Nursing Staff's Liability for Criminal Negligence: Studying on the Cases of the Penal Judgment No.1059 made by Supreme Court at 2017 and the Penal Judgment No.809 made by Supreme Court at

Su, Jung Lien; Lu, Ying-Chieh

The Obligation of Immediate Reference of Deriving Evidence from the Communications Surveillance, which is not Related to the Purpose of the Surveillance: Based on the Two Judgements onSupreme Court

Hsu, Jung-Yi

Commentary on Interpretation No 791 of Constitutional Court from the Point of View of the Protection of Children and Adolescents

Lin, Shih-Chin

MCU Law Review on Cases and Administrative Interpretation
December 2020,

Volume 1

A Case Review on the Taipei City CPA Association committed concerted action: Comment on the Judgment of the Supreme Administrative Court No. 705 in 2012

Yen, Ting-Tong

Is there a necessity of concordant intent in the administrative contract ?-Supreme Administrative Court’s (2015) Pan Zi Precedent No. 778

Chen, Shin-Min

Is the Limitation of Compulsory Portion Apply for Gift Causa Mortis--Comments on the (106) Tai-Shang No.2731 Decision Rendered by the Supreme Court

Wu, Pey-Chun

Calculation the reasonable royalties of patent infringement damages on the basis of historical royalties : A Case Analysis on Supreme Court Judgment No. 104-Tai-Shang-Tzu-671

Chen, Hui Chun