Internship Area

In order to implement the department's goal of attaching equal importance to theory and practice, the department actively establishes cooperative relationships with relevant industry units to provide students with practical internship opportunities in external companies.

Announce the precautions for applying for internship in the Law School, please read it carefully, if it does not meet the regulations, it will not be recognized as the graduation threshold.

*Internship Object:

The college is a junior to fourth-year university student and extended student.

*Internship Unit Attributes:

Faculty of Law: The internship content is related to law.

Department of Finance and Law: The internship content is related to finance or law.

*Number of Internship Hours:

Faculty of Law: 72 hours or more (108 hours for students enrolled in 111 academic years).

 Faculty of Finance and Law: 108 hours or more.

*Course Selection Semester:

Students in both departments choose courses one semester after completing their internships. (EX: Complete the internship in the summer vacation of the junior year to the senior year, and choose courses in the senior year).

If you are an intern during the school year, please confirm that you can complete the internship before the mid-term examination week.

Students are also reminded that financial law students should do internships in enterprises that elective financial law; The same applies to the Faculty of Law, which is not allowed to cross studies.

*Application for An Internship Process:

Recently, the Ministry of Education has been strictly examining whether the internships of college and university students is underwritten by internship insurance, as well as the exact internship period and dates on the contract, etc. Thus, students are to be sure to apply to the department within the time limit through the following procedures, and those who are late or do not follow the procedures will not have their internship recognized for graduation credits by the department.
Please apply (fill in the application form) at the following designated times, and the department will contact the internship host unit. At the time of application, the contact point of the internship unit must be provided.
The application form and insurance form are available at this link: (link is external).
˙Summer Internship (June-September): Apply by 5/10 (form)
Autumn ˙Internship (September-January): Apply before 7/10 (form)
˙Winter Internship (January-February): Apply before 12/10 (form)
˙Spring Internship (February-June): Apply before 1/10 (form)

◆Reminder:  If you have any doubts about internship-related matters, please go to the department office to inquire; please do not make your own decisions, guesses or ask others. In case of irregularities, the department will not accept the internship for graduation credits, according to the regulations.

Internship System

  As one of the teaching modes for the department’s upper level, internships not only enable students to learn theory, but also practical operations. This teaching method can confirm whether students can quickly face practical problems outside the classroom and also train students to have a deeper understanding of the core competencies of their academic program.
          At present, the department has formulated internship measures which enable teachers to cooperate with industry and also select outstanding students to cooperate with industry enterprises through organizing student internship activities on a trial basis. In this way, students can adapt to the workplace as early as possible, so as to face the competitive job market and increase their employability, which is of great help to the cultivation of basic financial ability and professional certification competence.
   In order to enhance the integration of theoretical and practical capabilities and strengthen the employment competitiveness of students in the workplace, the department has established internship mechanisms with several entities in various fields such as taxation, insurance, securities, and banking since the 2012-13 academic year, such as: Taoyuan Branch of the Ministry of Justice, New Taipei Legislative Affairs Bureau, First Bank, Chenhong Technology Co., Ltd., Fubon Life Co., Ltd., Leishan Insurance Brokerage, Ltd., First Gold Securities, etc.

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Parental Consent Form odt PDF

Internship Report Format PDF

Internship Contract (Do not sign the contract on your own, please follow the above procedures and wait to be contacted by the department office to sign the contract)

Internship Assessment Score Sheet odt PDF 

Internship Hours Record Card odt PDF

Internship Day (Week) Journal odt PDF

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