Message from Chair Wu, Pey-Chun to Freshmen.

First of all, welcome all students to enroll in the Department of Financial Law at Ming Chuan University.

Although this is a letter from the department chair to freshmen, our university’s educational philosophy is to “treat students as our own children”, so let me talk to you as if I were a parent and share with you my expectations and encouragement.

As a parent myself, the most important quality I demand from my children is a sense of responsibility. Apart from being responsible for your own learning as you enter college, you also need to be responsible for your own future, your loved ones, and the society that nurtures you. While today’s young people are lively, creative and full of ideas, creativity does not emerge out of nowhere. Most of us are not geniuses, and it is challenging to go from “zero” to “one.” However, if you can learn from existing knowledge and build upon the foundation of others, it will be much easier, as you can stand on the shoulders of giants.

As you enter the Department of Financial Law, which is an interdisciplinary program that combines finance and legal fields, it is important to establish a solid foundation in the basics of both legal and financial knowledge. If you study hard and seriously, you will acquire more abilities and skills compared to others. However, if you don’t put in the effort, you may end up being less proficient than those who specialize in a single field. It’s like being a jack of all trades but master of none. So, it’s up to you to determine your future position and level of expertise.

My specific suggestion is to start by writing your own time-travel script. Imagine sitting in a time machine and traveling through time and space. Don’t go too far, just travel three or four years into the future. Think about what you want to see in yourself at that time. Then you should shape yourself and work towards that direction. Remember to seriously think about where you will be in three or four years, instead of just thinking casually. Although it is an old saying, being cautious in everything is essential. Your future depends on the choices you make now. These are just some basic attitude issues, but they are the fundamental and most important factors for success, namely, responsibility and learning ability.

The role of a teacher is to impart knowledge, provide instruction, and resolve doubts. In the future, if you encounter any uncertainties related to academic work, exams, clubs, interpersonal relationships, academic or career development, and so on, the department chair, advisors, and all the teachers in the department are here to help and share with you. We are available and waiting for you to come and discuss with us.