Master's degree entrance examination

Application instructions

1. Our school offers a total of 31 master's degree programs for the 2023 academic year. We welcome all to apply.

2. The qualifications for application are as follows:

 (1) Graduates from domestic universities or independent colleges accredited by the Ministry of Education, who have obtained a bachelor's degree.

 (2) Graduates from foreign universities or independent colleges accredited by the Ministry of Education, who have obtained a bachelor's degree recognized by the Ministry of Education.

 (3) Those who possess equivalent qualifications as determined by the "Standards for Determining Equivalent Eligibility for Admission to Universities."

 (4) Applicants must also meet the additional requirements specified by each department or program.

Application process


Schedule of important dates

[Registration Number] and [Access Code] required for [Accepted Students, Waitlisted Students - Online Registration for Enrollment Intentions] will be automatically sent to the mobile phone and email address provided during registration. Registration period: From 9:00 a.m. on March 24, 2023, to 5:00 p.m. on March 30, 2023.

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112碩士班考試入學簡章(附件) 111.11.30
112碩士班考試入學簡章 111.11.30
112碩士考試招生公告 111.11.30
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Smooth examination and excellent results


Announcement: The on-site verification and registration for the Master's Program (screening and examination) for the 2022 academic year originally scheduled will be changed to online registration. (May 27, 2022)

In response to the worsening COVID-19 pandemic, the on-site verification and registration for the 111th academic year master's program has been changed to online registration, as follows:

  1. Admitted students must complete online registration before June 8th, 111th academic year. Candidates should complete the e-form online and upload the required documents from May 27th to June 8th.

    Registration website: deadline is before June 8th.

  1. Candidates who fail to complete the registration within the deadline will be deemed to have voluntarily given up their admission, and their vacancies will be filled by the waitlisted candidates who have completed their registration in order.

  2. Required documents for online registration:

    (1) Graduation certificate or equivalent qualification certificate from a college or technical school. For foreign academic qualifications, please upload the proof of qualification as required at the time of registration.

    (2) For graduates who have not received their certificates, they may fill in a declaration form (printed and signed), and must submit the certificate within the time limit specified on the form. If the certificate is not submitted within the time limit, the candidate will be considered to have voluntarily given up their admission.

  1. Verification:

    (1) Graduation certificates or equivalent qualification certificates should be brought to the department office for verification after the start of the semester and will be returned after verification.

    (2) Candidates holding foreign academic qualifications or academic qualifications from mainland China must comply with relevant regulations of the Ministry of Education and submit the certified academic qualification certificates, transcripts, and records of entry and exit from the country issued by the competent authority during the period of study abroad (foreigners or overseas Chinese are exempt from providing entry and exit certificates). Candidates with academic qualifications from mainland China should also submit verified degree certificates and graduation certificates.


Registration Information for 111 Academic Year:

    Login credentials have been sent via SMS to the mobile number provided during registration.

  • For information related to new student registration, please refer to: MCU Homepage / New Students / Registration Information.

    Website: is external)

    For questions related to deferred affidavit or new student registration, please contact:

    Taipei Campus Registration Office (02)2882-4564轉2705

    Taoyuan Campus Academic Affairs Office Phone (03)350-7001轉3142

  • Important Information for New Students in the 111 Academic Year from the Office of Student Affairs (please download the full text from the Office of Student Affairs website): Student Record Card and Autobiography; Student Tuition Discounts, Waivers, Financial Assistance for Underprivileged Students, and Student Loan Application Guidelines; Military Service Information for Students; New Student Health Check Information; Campus Safety and Rental Information (please read carefully).

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For questions related to student affairs information, please contact: 02-28824564 ext. 2505 Ms. Huang.